Practice Services

The NHS provides most health care to most people free of charge but there are exceptions and some of the services provided are published below.


Please note that for any of these services you will be informed in advance of the costs involved.


Service Fee
Private Prescription £12.00
Private Certificate £12.00
Driving Licence £25.00
Private Insurance Forms etc. £30.00
Holiday Cancellation £35.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £35.00
Fitness to Perform/Stage etc £30.00
Fitness to Perform/Stage with exam/interview £45.00
Medicals with Report £100.00
Medicals with no report £90.00
Private Consultation £176.50 (per hour)
Opinion and extract from record for Diving £50.00
Private letter to Whom it Concerns £10.00 - £40.00 (GP's discretion)
Photocopying (per side) £0.35


Examinations such as fitness to travel, fitness for sport, fitness to perform on stage, insurance, HGV & taxi and pre-employment examinations will need a special appointment so please contact the surgery in the normal way. Also note that the fees in many cases are pre-payable.


Please note these charges are reviewed on a regular basis and updated accordingly.