What to do if you are pregnant

Once you have confirmed you are pregnant please contact the surgery and arrange an appointment with a GP who will then discuss your options for maternity care and a referral will be made. If you are unsure if you are pregnant you can purchase a pregnancy testing kit from any local pharmacy.

It also advisable to begin taking Folic Acid once you are pregnant, please discuss this with your local pharmacist. Further information on the benefits of Folic Acid and other supplements can be found here.


Coming to your appointment

When you attend this appointment it will be helpful to bring with you information regarding your last menstruation as this will help date your pregnancy. Information regarding any previous pregnancies is also useful to the referring GP.

You can also complete a FW8 Maternity Exemption for which will entitle you to free prescriptions and dental care whilst you are pregnant and up until your baby is one year old.

Once you have seen a GP and arranged your care you can also collect a copy of "Emma's Diary" which is a free magazine for new mothers, containing advice and information. You can click here to go straight to the website.



Full maternity services are provided by the midwife attached to the surgery, with the support of the doctors.

Midwives care for and support pregnant women, their partners and new babies before, during and after the birth. They monitor the health of mother, counsel her on health issues and explain the options for delivery of the baby. Their job also involves reassuring parents, running antenatal and parenting classes, taking care of the mother and baby during labour and birth and giving advice on breast feeding.


After the birth of your baby ...

After the birth of your baby don't forget to visit us with your baby's Red Book so that we can register them at the practice. Please bring a photocopy of the section detailing your baby's name and NHS number and also a copy of the immunisation section of the book, this will help us get your baby's registration completed quickly.

You and your baby will be invited to attend the surgery for a health check when your baby reaches six to eight weeks of age. You will contacted by us to arrange a suitable appointment but feel free to contact us if you if you have not heard from us or would like to check your appointment.